Brand Experience… What’s it all about?

Brand experience these days? Well…

big deal

…and it really is no secret as to why. Let’s face it, these days, the retail environment in itself – whether that be a shopping centre or a town centre or a supermarket or, well you get my drift – is more competitive now than it ever has been before. However, the difference being made to the market is through strategic brand experiences, because that’s exactly what they are – experiences.

As a consumer yourself, you’ll know that we’re all pretty savvy when it comes to spending and with the rise of cheaper brands, it seems that the more premium products need a little push in the right direction to remind the public why spending a little more is totally worth the investment, and this is done through highly memorable retail experiences and in store product demonstrations.

Experiential marketing is fast becoming an increasingly popular choice to market products for many brands, as we’re sure you’ll have seen yourself! As a live demonstration, you can build massive brand awareness and actively engage with your target markets and generate new consumers, whilst maintaining the dedication of existing, happy customers, ultimately converting purchases and creating a real buzz around your brand – something for your consumers to talk about – an experience.

If you want to build trust for your brand by personally reaching out, then brand experience is the best way to do it, and this is where we come in. It doesn’t matter what your product or service is, we know what works when it comes to experiential marketing and that’s what matters. We’re always actively sourcing new and exciting venues for experiential events, buzzing with high footfall to ensure maximum exposure, because let’s be honest, there is no other form of marketing that is more engaging than face-to-face interactions!

So… want to find out how we do it?

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OK. You don’t need to ring us, we know you’re busy, but drop us a wee line & we’ll be right back in touch at a time that suits you, because if well planned and executed, a brand experience event is the best way to get people try and more importantly, buying!