Promotional Space

Signature Spaces specialise in providing promotional space in venues throughout the UK. Whether you are looking to carry out face-to-face marketing, product placement or a customer acquisition campaign, Signature Spaces will work with you to find the perfect venues at the most competitive prices.


We provide promotional spaces in Tesco Stores, Shopping Centres, City & Town Centres, Airports and Train Stations across the UK.


We are working in partnership with Tesco and can offer you the opportunity to hire designated promotional sites, both internal & external across the Tesco portfolio. Whether you are a local business or nationwide company, Tesco is the right place for you to promote your business and grow your existing client base as over 50% of the British public visit a Tesco store every fortnight.


Get in touch with the team and we will take you through the approval process step by step.

Shopping Centres

Shopping Centres offer a unique blend of key demographics and could be the perfect venue for your campaign.


At Signature Spaces, we offer promotional space in every shopping centre across the UK. Our team have a wealth of knowledge on all UK venues, offering top tier customer service and competitive prices.

Town & City Centres

Town or City Centres are a vibrant part of a community and an integral centre of commerce. Booking these high visibility venues as a promotional space gives your brand the chance to interact with a community in a friendly, relatable and cost efficient way.

Travel Hubs

Travel hubs provide a unique space for promotional opportunities. Customers are a captive audience in this environment and are ready to engage with your brand. With access to the UK’s extensive network of airports and train stations, Signature Spaces gives your brand a unique space to interact with your customer.

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